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Am I looking at this wrong?
Recently, I placed an order with a fairly well known ham radio parts supplier. I placed the order and was charged for Priority delivery (whether I wanted it or not) and was told it was 3 day delivery. So, I waited 3 days and checked the tracking number with USPS (by the way, this is totally lip service by the post office. I have received an item and several days later get a text saying it is on the truck for delivery). They said they receive "notification of the item". So, since it was now three days with nothing on the horizon, I called the vendor. There, I was told that the post office didn't come by on the first day, the post office didn't come by on the second day, and that perhaps the vendor should check to see what was going on....YA THINK???? When I complained that this was shoddy business (I was actually referring to the USPS) the vendor canceled my order. No phone call, no nothing, except a note on the cancelation order saying "see customers comment about shoddy service".
To say I was upset would be an understatement. This action leads me to believe that the USPS was NOT at fault, this vendor is slipshod in shipping items in a timely manner and they were trying to cover their butts. First of all, if I had a shipping department, I would think that someone would realize the items didn't go out as scheduled on the first day. I SURELY would have thought someone would have noticed the items piling up when they didn't go out on the second day. And by the third day, I would be calling customers to explain what was happening. This vendor DID NONE OF THE ABOVE, and instead made it seem like I was the bad guy for complaining. 
So, what's your opinion? Am I wrong? Should I have simply let it go and said nothing and hope they would have eventually noticed that my items were gathering dust on the shipping cart? Thanks for the input....

Dr. Jeff Popa K8INA

I did not include names due to my query about perhaps it is just me.... once I determine it isn', I will post the company.... until then, assume it was my at fault Blush 
Dr. Jeff, if it means anything, I think you're spot on. Sounds like there's definitely something screwy going on here...  Dodgy

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